How to get a design job

in the creative industry

Upcoming Online Course

 with Kelvin Mui


Not limited to graphic designers, UX/UI designers,

web designers, photographers, retouchers.

You’re in!

Thank you for your interest!

I’m currently building this video based online course (heck, this webpage is not even designed yet!). I’m looking for the first batch of students who want to learn how to fix “not enough work experience”, skip the queue, effective portfolio/CV/cover letter structure, what to expect/how to prepare and nail interviews.


Since this is a pilot course, you’ll get 50% off discount as I want some testimonials and feedback as a result of you going through this course for the first time!

So if you’re:


  • A fresh design graduate (or about to graduate) and/ or
  • Designers made redundant or have been looking for a design job for a while with not success
  • Are 100% committed to getting results
  • Are willing to make an investment in yourself and career
  • Are friendly and coachable


If that sounds like you (I know you are), click Buy Now on the right!

Aiming to launch this course in late Oct/early Nov 2020.


*In the unlikely event it doesn’t start by Dec, I’ll refund your money back asap! I’ll also let you know if I can launch earlier!

Normal launch

$997 (incl. GST) AUD


Pilot launch: 50% off!

$497 (incl. GST) AUD

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The Promise

Learn my strategies and tips on how to fix “not enough or no prior work experience”, skip the queue, effective portfolio/CV/ cover letter structure, what to expect/ how to prepare and nail interviews. Strategies and tips I wished I knew when I started, especially in these tough times.

The Problem

You’re about to graduate or have recently graduated from design uni or college and you have no guidance on how to get a design related job in the creative industry. OR you’ve been made redundant or still looking for a design job in these tough times without much success. You need more effective guidance to stand out from the crowd.

The Myth

You pass on applying for a job because you don’t have the minimum “years of experience”


Apply anyway! A person who has been cooking for 10 years doesn’t automatically make them a great chef.


If you can show you have the right skills, they’ll be interested. I’ll show you how to sell your yourself properly.

My story

My name is Kelvin Mui and I’m based in Sydney Australia. Over the past 11 years, I’ve worked with award winning creative studios and agencies Electric Art (now Cream Electric Art) and BMF Australia. Also freelanced under my own company Karasu Designs and worked with gaming giant Riot Games on League of Legends, production agency One for All, content agency 3rdSpace, and start ups like Cozi Trip, AutoRMS, Time Target and more!


In these jobs, I’ve done graphic design, Web & UX design, retouching and photography in these 11 years. So yes, I know a thing or two on how to get a design job in the creative industry.

Why make this online course?

2 close friends of mine were made redundant during COVID-19. After giving them my tips and strategy along with a recruiter friend, they said I should make a course to teach these tips! This really inspired me!


Last year, I was also on the panel for Academy Xi Sydney, discussing “How to land your first gig in design”. I loved the genuine gratitude I received and love being able to help others and give back to the design community like others have given me during my 11 years.